White House Valentines Display

White House Valentines Display

Episode 338 – February 13, 2021


  • Presidential Valentines
  • Thank You Pages
  • Shame Cards
  • Fact Checker Bylines
  • Social Audio
  • AI Brand Voices
  • Lincoln TV
  • Duolingo Commercial
  • Super Bowl Social Media
  • Conference Sounds
  • Twitter Buys Revue
  • Google News Analytics
  • Norton’s Prying Eyes & Listening Ears
  • Safest & Most Dangerous States For Online Dating

During episode 338, BL and David discuss Dr. Jill Biden’s White House Valentines display; stellar Thank You page examples; the American Shame Card collection of gun-control advocacy postcards; fact checker bylines; the explosive growth of social audio; Microsoft’s AI voices; Lincoln TV; Duolingo’s singable commercial; Super Bowl Social Media; conference sounds for livestreaming waiting room; Twitter gets into the newsletter game; Google News analytics courtesy of Google Search Console; Norton’s prying eyes and listening ears commercial…and much, much more.

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Best Practices

Valentine Surprise At The White House

On Friday morning, Dr. Jill Biden surprised the president with a Valentine display on the White House lawn.

— Kyle Griffin (@kylegriffin1) February 12, 2021

Thank You Pages

Thank You pages are effective opportunities to demonstrate appreciation towards your leads, prospects, and customers for taking a desired action – and even potentially convert users or increase sales through additional CTAs.

Gif: Amazon Thank You Page

Shame Cards

On the third anniversary of the Valentine’s Day shooting at Stoneman Davis High School in Parkland, FL, ChangetheRef.org released The American Shame Card collection- postcards with gruesome scenes from each mass shooting.

Fact Checker Bylines

TreeHugger features a byline not only for an article’s author but also for the article’s fact checker.

Social Audio Growth Explosion

This market forecast includes an overview and contains predictions on the future of social audio as Clubhouse earns a one billion dollar valuation and jumps to nearly 3 million users.

AI Voices

By adding safeguards, Microsoft wants to ensure deepfake voices aren’t being abused.

Lincoln TV

The Lincoln Project is expanding its video and podcast presence with a new show called The Lincoln Report. It joins The Breakdown.

— LPTV (@lptv) February 10, 2021

Language Learning Is Hard

Duolingo made it fuuuuuunnnnnnn!

Super Bowl Social Media

Virtual stadiums, interactive filters, football stars and loads of sweepstakes are this year’s Big Game social themes.

Conference Sounds

The Long COVID Forum featured conference sounds for viewers awaiting the live stream.

Twitter Newsletters

Twitter buys Substack competitor Revue and immediately adds it as a feature of the social platform.

Google News Analytics

Google Search Console now lets you dive into how well your news site performs in Google News and the Google News App.

Norton’s Prying Eyes & Listening Ears


Lawyer Cat-astropy

A lawyer in Texas, unable to turn off a cat filter on a Zoom call, said “I’m Not a Cat,” to which the judge responded, “I Can See That.”

Not All Things Considered

Leo Shidla thought that not “All Things” were being considered on NPR’s flagship show. “Cool things,” for one.

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