Miranda Head Interview

Miranda Head Interview

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Miranda Head Biography

Miranda Head is a TikTok Creator Partner (7+ million views), host of the TikTok Famous podcast, and Social Media Manager for FloQast. She loves to analyze the latest trends on social media, specifically TikTok, while also creating cooking content for her channels: @CookingWithMiranda.

If she’s not whipping up something yummy in the kitchen, she’s soaking up all her time with her 2 young sons on the beaches of Hawaii.

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TikTok Influencer Interview

Introducing Miranda Head

B.L. Ochman: Hi, welcome to the Beyond Social Media Show, the podcast for marketing PR, advertising and digital professionals. We’re recording Episode 347. live on YouTube with my guest TikTok star Miranda Head. Miranda is a TikTok Creator Partner with more than 7 million views. Host of the TikTok Famous podcast and Social Media Manager for FloQast. How do I pronounce that?

Miranda Head: Flow cast.

How Long Has @CookingWithMiranda Been On TikTok?

B.L. Ochman: Though she loves to analyze the latest trends on social media – specifically TikTok – while also creating really cool cooking content for her channel @CookingWithMiranda – when she’s not whipping up something yummy in the kitchen, she’s soaking up all her time with her two young sons on the beaches of Hawaii. Lucky duck! We’re here to learn more about your TikTok success and get your pro tips. So let’s just dive right in. How long have you been on TikTok? Well,

Miranda Head: Thanks, BL thanks for having me on the show. Let’s see. Yeah, so I have been on TikTok since September of 2019. So right at the beginning of when it was starting to pick up the pace. It was definitely popular with the Gen Z generation and there was hardly anybody my age, I’m considered a millennial, and older. And when I first got on TikTok, I kind of was embarrassed. I was thinking to myself, where is this going to take me? Am I in the right spot for me? And it took off ! Well. I think I attribute that to being an early adopter.

How Did You Learn To Use TikTok?

B.L. Ochman: Really. So how did you learn to use TikTok?

Miranda Head: It’s funny, I was trying to do my cooking videos, and the cooking thing is just a hobby. And I was trying to do the cooking videos with Instagram, and YouTube, and I wasn’t having a whole lot of success there. So when I discovered TikTok, you know, at first, I was like, this is kind of hard to use. But that’s just, you know, the learning curve of it.

It’s always hard to adopt a new app right from the beginning. And I’m a social media manager. So I’m on social media all the time. And even for me as a social media manager, I do find that the beginning stages of learning an app are always tricky, especially one that is so brand new. And there wasn’t a lot of data out there on how to use it at the time,

You Try Out What Works And What Doesn’t Work

Miranda Head: So I just started playing around with the video features. And it’s pretty funny. If you go look at my TikTok, and go all the way back to the beginning of my first videos. I mean, it’s laughable what I put out there compared to what I have now.

But that’s really how anyone gets to start anything, right? Like, you just got to get your feet wet, and you try new things. You try out what works and what doesn’t work. And then you take what works and you go from there.

What Was The Most Challenging Thing About Getting Famous On TikTok?

B.L. Ochman: So what was really the most challenging thing about establishing all those views about getting famous on TikTok? Was it just learning the tech about it?

Miranda Head: Yeah, that’s an interesting question. I think what was challenging at first was you know, I discovered how the app works. And then I started picking up followers here and there. And I remember at one point, I got to 1000 followers, I think, after being on the app, and I really didn’t have a social media strategy.

And so that’s where I was like, hmm, you know, I think I could gain my momentum on this app if I really hunker down and figure out a strategy. And, you know, go from there.

Hey, Why Don’t We Make A Podcast About TikTok?

Miranda Head: And so it’s kind of funny, I started talking to one of my best friends and she is a graphic designer. And, you know, she started seeing my success on TikTok. And she started, uh, excuse me, I’m fumbling over my words. She started her own account. And she got, like, 40,000 followers overnight.

So there’s the two of us: we’re the same age, we come from the same backgrounds. And you know, we just start talking about TikTok like, we call each other on the phone and be like, “Hey, did you figure this out? Like, how did you do this feature and this effect, and did that work for you? Because this is what worked for me.”

And, you know, we started hashing out our plans with each other, and then all of a sudden, yeah, it was nice. And this was before the pandemic started. This was back in December of 2019. And so we decided, Hey, why don’t we make a podcast about this? There’s nothing out there about TikTok. Let’s figure it out together.

So it really was just me and her going about like, trying out trends and you know, what’s trending and the dances and the filters and the songs and we just started writing it all down and talking about it. And brainstorming, and then we put together our strategies. And it worked for us. And so that’s kind of where it led us.

How Many TikTok Videos Should You Make A Day?

B.L. Ochman: So you should have more than one in a day? Because, like you have several where you’re cooking chicken. So yeah, you do all the chicken on one day and all your bacon on another?

Miranda Head: Yeah, I actually, that is a very good social media strategy. Not even just for TikTok for YouTube, as well. And you know all about YouTube too. But when you’re recording something, you get your lighting and your video and your audio setup, you might as well record as much as you can, right? And then repurpose all of that.

So like when I cook a chicken recipe, right? Like I will, maybe I’ll have one clip where I’m really showing how to butterfly that chicken, and then I’ll talk about it in my TikTok video. And then I’ll have another clip where I’m showing the full recipe of what I made with that chicken. And then you’ll do another one where you’re like talking about an interesting fact about chicken.

How Long Should TikTok Videos Be?

B.L. Ochman: Tell people how long these videos are because they’re startlingly short.

Miranda Head: Yes. And the key is to have success on TikTok is the shorter the better. And it’s really the optimum between 10 and 11 seconds is the optimum length.

What Kind Of Equipment Do You Use?

B.L. Ochman: Seconds! Really?! And it takes five hours to produce 10 seconds? No wonder you’re successful. But so I’m very interested, given what you just said. Okay, you already set up what kind of equipment do you use?

Miranda Head: Yeah, so I definitely have a tripod, a very basic tripod down there in my kitchen, and then I do have a ring light, I have a, what is the inches on that? I’m looking at it, it’s fairly big, it’s definitely, like maybe 18 inches, and then I do have a lavalier mic that I use that I’ll plug into my shirt.

Now. You know, I kind of got on this rhythm of using all this equipment and cooking and then, you know, life catches up with you, right.

So I got to a point where I was like, you know, this is not even as fun as the cooking part wasn’t as fun for me, because I was so worried about how it’s gonna look on the video. And so I started to realize, like, Hey, I’m so consumed, and so worried about the production of this video that I’m not enjoying it, you know, like, I’ll post it on TikTok, and it may not even do well.

And so what I started doing was just kind of forgetting all the equipment, you know, like, if I was just going to go in my kitchen and whip up some lunch. And I have like the creative juices flowing, like, you don’t necessarily have to have all of that equipment to make a great TikTok video.

And that’s what I love about the app is actually like, they reward you for being more authentic and more true to yourself. And the more that I was recording, like authentically fun videos, for me, the success that I was seeing was equal to that.

How Do You Edit Your TikTok Videos?

B.L. Ochman: That’s really an interesting contrast to other networks, you know, so how do you edit them? I mean, that five hours must be a lot of editing, what kind of apps do you use for editing? Or do you edit right on TikTok,

Miranda Head: I add it right on the app. And that’s the beauty of TikTok. And when I say five hours, that’s like, if I’m doing a full like if I’m gonna get like five videos out of that, and I’m shooting, live recording and not to so when I’m physically on the TikTok app, I’d say it takes about 30 minutes for me to produce No, your optimal time is 10 seconds to have that video on TikTok, but you can go up to one minute.

Use 10 To 11 Second Videos To Capture Attention

Miranda Head: And what I recommend is when you start to capture a following in an audience, you use those 10 to 11 seconds to get their attention and want to follow you. And then you do continue to produce up to 60 second content to keep your followers around, right.

Like you want to provide value and you want to provide value that is definitely longer than 10 seconds. And so I will produce videos that will take up to a minute. I’m in the app. So when I edit like a 10 second video, it’s probably 10 minutes and then a minute is about 30 minutes.

How Often Should You Post On TikTok?

B.L. Ochman: And how often do you post? It looks like you post pretty frequently.

Miranda Head: Yeah, they do recommend. So I am a part of the TikTok Creators and they do offer us some really solid advice. And they do recommend to post like, at least once a day, if you can.

The Really Successful TikTok Creators Are Producing Two To Three A Day, At Least.

Miranda Head: I was doing a huge campaign back in January of this year and I was producing 40 videos within 30 days. So that was more than one a day. Um The really successful creators, you know, they are producing two to three a day, at least.

How Long Did It Take To Reach 7 Million Views?

B.L. Ochman: Seriously? And how long did it take to reach 7 million views,

Miranda Head: I think it took me like eight months,

B.L. Ochman: Compared to other platforms. That’s not a lot.

Miranda Head: Yeah, it’s pretty cool how quickly your videos can be viewed on TikTok.

Do You Have Sponsors On Your Videos?

B.L. Ochman: I’m told that for TikTok, it’s still the fastest place to build a large following. Do you have sponsors on your videos?

Miranda Head: So I don’t have sponsors, but I do a lot of collaborations with brands. And you know, they’ll reach out to me. They actually reach out through the TikTok app. I’m not sure if you’re familiar with the TikTok Creator Marketplace.

B.L. Ochman: No, I’m not.

Collaboration Is All On The TikTok App

Miranda Head: So it’s, it’s on the app, and you have to meet a certain number of qualifications to be a part of the marketplace. But it’s not like Facebook Marketplace. It’s much more of a marketplace for brands to connect with creators. And basically, brands will ping you in the app. And it’s a lot safer that way than like, I used to receive a bunch of emails.

But it’s really hard to know, like, is this brand a legit company like anybody can put together a website. But when they’re going through the TikTok app, like you get paid through the TikTok app, all the conditions are met through the TikTok app, like you upload the video through there. There’s no like, you know, third party system operating. And TikTok doesn’t take any cut of what you earn

So it’s hard to say I’m sure TikTok is creating a cut. They say they don’t but who knows? Maybe they aren’t because they want their brands and their creators to stay on the app. So it may be a smart move for them. But you do you know, it’s up to me, the creator and the brand, how much they’re going to pay me or how you know what the terms are going to be and how they’re going to operate.

How Did You Decide On Your TikTok Content?

B.L. Ochman: So your TikTok is about cooking, but you have some adorable posts with your adorable children. And so how did you decide on the content that you were going to use?

Miranda Head: Yeah, so you know, it’s funny, my most successful video on the app is of my son. And I think that video has 3 million views at this point or two.

B.L. Ochman: He’s opening, you’re opening a box, and he’s telling you what to do.

Miranda Head: No, but thank you. Now this one is from back last summer. It’s really just about timing. I just happened to take a video of him and my husband doing some crazy, like almost a flip on the couch. And I set it to slow motion.

And there was a trending song at the time where people were posting these slow-motion videos, to this really catchy song. And I posted it at the right time. It was the exact trend, people were following the right song, and it just blew up overnight. It was pretty crazy.

90% Of My Videos Are About Cooking

Miranda Head: And yeah, so you know, I stuck with cooking in probably 90% of my videos. But I will have fun and I’ll try some of the funny trends in the app and the different voiceover effects and show my kids just because I want to show like another slice of who I am. And I think you know; I don’t really care if those perform well it’s more just because I enjoy it and I enjoy putting the content out there. So that comes across

How Does TikTok Famous Podcas t Fit Into Your Marketing Strategy?

B.L. Ochman: So how does the podcast TikTok Famous fit into your marketing strategy?

Miranda Head: It’s hilarious because here comes TikTok, I get on TikTok, then I start this podcast with one of my best friends. And then that is going great. I think we have over 20,000 downloads,

B.L. Ochman: Really!

Miranda Head: We’re coming up on a year in May. And you know, we actually stopped production of some of some of the episodes when I went out to have my baby in October. So we haven’t done that without three months of releasing episodes. And we look at the demographics of who’s listening to the podcast.

And I think our number two audience outside of the United States is Japan and you know, we get listeners all over the country who are just fascinated in TikTok and at the time I don’t know about now, we were one of the only podcasts really discussing social media strategies for TikTok.

I Got My Current Full-Time Job Because Of My TikTok And My Podcast

Miranda Head: There are a ton of TikTok podcasts that will discuss strategies but they’re not focused on TikTok. I mean, think about your show Beyond Social Media Show. Yeah, you know, you’re discussing all of them. So we are pigeon holed where we only discuss TikTok. But there is a lot to talk about there.

And then you’re asking about the marketing of how does this all come into effect? You know, there’s not really a crossover with my @CookingWithMirana TikTok. And my podcast, however, I think that I was able to get my current job my full-time job because of my TikTok, and my podcast

B.L. Ochman: How did you get that job? They sought you out?

Miranda Head: Yeah, it’s funny. I actually was listening to a podcast with the CEO on the show of this podcast, the CEO of the company I work for, which is called FloCast. It’s an accounting, automation software service based out of Los Angeles. Did I say that? Right? accounting automation? Yes. And, um, you know, I reached out to him on LinkedIn. So here’s another social media. And I just sent him a message and I said, Hey, like, I loved listening to your episode on this podcast.

And one day, I hope to move back to Los Angeles, and just “go Dodgers” because I knew he’s a huge Dodgers fan, and then he wrote back right away, and he was like, hey, we’ve got actually a social media position opened up, like, ASAP, are you interested? And so you know, it’s funny, I wasn’t actually looking for a job at that point. And I went ahead and did an interview and opportunities, they both lined up, and now I’m working for them full time.

I Do Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn And TikTok For Them

B.L. Ochman: Oh, what do you do for them? I know you do YouTube; do you do all of their social media?

Miranda Head: Yes. Correct. Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn. And then I started to TikTok for them. And, yeah, we’re experimenting with it all.

Are Trolls A Big Problem On TikTok?

B.L. Ochman: But I was listening to your podcast, which is TikTok Famous. And I listened to an episode where you talked about people getting down on you about your instructions for discarding bacon grease, which brings up the subject of trolls. Are trolls a big problem on TikTok?

Miranda Head: Yeah, it’s funny, because I would say a year ago, we actually on our podcast, were saying how we never saw trolls on the app. And I think that’s just naturally what happens, the more an app gets popular, and the more downloads and people are joining, there are going to be trolls.

And unfortunately, I was trolled in a recent video of mine, where I was showing how to get rid of bacon grease. I had no idea there were so many, like, diehard opinions about bacon grease disposal. A lot of it was from people from the south who were like, don’t get rid of that, you know. And I’ve had a lot of people saying, oh, you’re obviously not from the south, which is funny, because I am from Texas.

But yeah, like, you just gotta let it roll off your back. Because you’re just here to have fun, you know – at least I am. And, you know, I feel like if people are trolling you like then they’re not happy in their own life. And you just got to move forward. I do think, though, that if someone is telling you something, and a lot of people agree with it, like it is something worth considering, like, Hey, is there like value in that? And what should I do to maybe fix that? Especially if it’s something egregious, but bacon grease, like?

How Did You Convince Accountants To Try TikTok?

B.L. Ochman: So back to the job at the accounting firm? How did you convince them to try TikTok?

Miranda Head: Yeah, so they kind of just left it in my ballpark. They’re like, hey, you’re the expert on social media, especially TikTok. So if you think we should start one, let’s do it. And, um, you know, I did start one. And we’re kind of, I’m still figuring out that social media strategy there, because we’re an accounting software company.

You know, that’s not the primary following. That’s not what people are primarily following on TikTok. But it’s not to say you can’t have fun with it. There’s plenty of companies out there that are really creative on the app, and are making really excellent content.

How Is TikTok Helpful For Business?

B.L. Ochman: So what ways do you think TikTok is helpful for business? Because I wonder about that. It seems to me that it could be not just in terms of advertising

Miranda Head: You’ve got business as a whole like there’s brands that are selling something to consumers. And the strategy there I think, is to totally just go after the Creators and have them talk about your product on their page. And that’s just influencer marketing. And then you have brands that aren’t selling. Like, we’re a software as a service company. So that wouldn’t work for us.

TikTok is all about creating brand awareness

Miranda Head: But um, you know, with those types of companies it’s all about brand awareness on the app, and especially with TikTok being primarily Gen Z, like, there’s nothing wrong with getting your brand out in front of all of those, all the people in that age range.

Because one day they will be looking at buying your product, they will be in a position where they’re going to be at a company shopping around b2b. And if you know if they grow up with seeing that brand name, then it’s gonna be easy for you.

What’s Your Strategy For Your Company?

B.L. Ochman: So what’s your strategy for them?

Miranda Head: Yeah, so again, it’s more about brand awareness. And, you know, showing that we are fun stuff. You know, we’re a software as a service, but we are personable, we have a personality. We’re not just like humanoid accountants

Humanizing The Company With TikTok

Miranda Head: Humanizing the company. And, and that’s what anyone really should do on any social media channel is humanizing your brand, your company, or nobody is going to pay attention. And that’s why like on LinkedIn, I know, we’re not talking about LinkedIn. But when you see on LinkedIn, you’ll see some of the same stuff over and over about people promoting their company.

And it starts to get like, what is the word just you start to bore like a fog? Yeah, it’s boring. And what’s great about TikTok, it’s, it’s the total opposite, right from LinkedIn. So you’re allowed to be fun, you’re allowed to be creative, and try new things and do a crazy dance or make fun of something that, you know, is all good and fun. And it’s totally acceptable. If you brought that over to LinkedIn, people are gonna be like, what are you doing?

What Businesses Are Doing A Good Job On TikTok?

B.L. Ochman: Right, exactly, exactly. So Can you think of some businesses that are doing a good job on TikTok?

Miranda Head: Yeah, let me think about that.

B.L. Ochman: I mean, I found my food delivery service imperfect foods on Instagram, I haven’t seen them on TikTok, but it would be such a logical thing for now.

Miranda Head: Anything with food should be on TikTok, anything visual like that, TikTok is the best app for those brands. Um, there’s, you know, not necessarily a company in mind. But I do follow some really excellent Excel tip accounts, which is fascinating to think of as something so boring as Excel, and these accounts have like half a million followers.

People Love How-To Videos

B.L. Ochman: Excel’s hard! If somebody will help you learn how to do things. It’s great.

Miranda Head: Yeah, I do a lot of Excel videos for Instagram, and on Facebook, and Twitter and LinkedIn. But yeah, I think that if you’re going to provide educational value, if there’s anything you can do, by providing that education that is a great way to do it on TikTok. People love how to videos, and they soak all that stuff up.

So there is one I’m thinking of, and I forget the name, but it’s for a newspaper. It’s a small newspaper out of some city, and they just started one. And they did a really funny video where they are showing how the company goes from startup to IPO. And it’s just this funny, 60 seconds of all of the phases in between. and it’s just one guy, he probably, works with the newspaper, and he’s part of their creative department. But now I think they have a really pretty good following. I’ll try to find that account for you.

Tips For Businesses That Are Starting Out On TikTok?

B.L. Ochman: I’d love to see that. So do you have any tips for businesses that are starting out on TikTok?

Miranda Head: Yeah, definitely! Be authentic to your brand, right? I say that on my podcast all the time. Like, you have to be not just authentic to yourself, but to your brand. Figure out what your tone is? What do you want people to walk away from watching your videos knowing about your company?

And not just knowing but like that sense of like when you meet a friend like, Oh, I like this friend because she’s funny. She makes everyone in the room smile, like she’s extroverted, whatever.

Like, what are the traits that you want people to think of about your company when they finish watching your videos and your content? And then honing in on what kind of value can you bring in your videos to the consumer. And it’s more about getting that brand awareness.

It’s not about “here’s my product, look at my product, buy my product.” No! That’s a terrible way. to go, I mean, we’re all marketers, we know that. But TikTok is the same way. It’s more like, catch their attention, be fun, have a good time and follow a trend. You know, there’s 1000s of trends on TikTok happening every day.

How Do You Find The TikTok Trends?

B.L. Ochman: How do you find the trends?

Miranda Head: It’s very easy. You just go to your Discover page on TikTok, and you can scroll through, they have all the trending sounds and all the trending hashtags. And usually, the trending hashtags are accompanied with some kind of challenge.

So for example, you know, I can pull up on my TikTok right now. And I can tell you today, the trending hashtag is “2018 versus 2021”, and a hashtag. “It’s our home. “So people show home decor and home projects. There is a hashtag for “DIY projects.”

And anytime, anytime I post a video on TikTok, I always check the Discover page to see what is trending. Does my video fit in any of these categories? Likely I will fit in at least one of them. And then that’s how you can jump on that trend. You don’t necessarily have to produce a video geared towards a trend, because TikTok, you know, it changes every day.

I mean, it’s not as variable as Twitter. But it’s not as long lasting as LinkedIn. So TikTok, you don’t want to spend a week making a video and then posting it to a trend because that trend is probably not happening anymore. So if you are going to, you know, upload a video that is not necessarily following a specific trend, you likely will fit into one of the hashtags that is on the Discover page.

How To Learn TikTok Tools

B.L. Ochman: So is there a way that you recommend for learning how to use the tools of TikTok? I know that they put up a Creator Academy recently. And what I found when I went to the webinar that they had was that everybody talked so fast, I couldn’t understand what they were saying.

Miranda Head: You’re probably right, we’re all gonna leave this pandemic, like talking totally different than we used to, because we’re going through computers and phones. Yeah, that’s a really good point. Um, you know, the best way to learn on TikTok is to just watch TikTok videos.

I mean, that seems so simplistic, simplistic to say, but it’s 100% the best way to learn because if you go watch some kind of video or recording, it’s most likely outdated information, because like I said, TikTok is what’s happening today.

Watch TikTok 30 Minutes A Day To Learn It

Miranda Head: So when you watch the latest videos on your phone, the latest videos, you just spend 30 minutes a day watching TikTok videos, like the ones that you like, because then the algorithm will continue to show you more of what you like.

So if you’re a company that let’s say you’re selling, like you’re in gardening, like gardening tools, you probably should be following gardener creator content, right? Because then TikTok will show you more of that. And then when you start posting your video, your video will likely be pushed out to those same audiences because TikTok has that video AI just like YouTube does. I’m sorry, I feel like I just totally went on a tangent. What was your original question?

B.L. Ochman: My question was about learning the tools, but your advice is strong and so good. And that is what I tell clients all the time about any social channel is, look and listen, you know, don’t just jump in there. Just see. And also the rule of thumb, I think for social media is 11 to one. Eleven times, you know, you like somebody else’s thing. 11 times you comment on somebody else’s thing, and one time you talk about yourself. And I think that if you do that, you’re going to build the following. And I’m saying look, listen, and then try it.

You Should Comment On Others’ TikTok Posts

Miranda Head: I’m really glad you brought that up, because another powerful tool on the app is commenting on people’s videos. Because comments can go viral as well. In fact, one of my comments did go viral on one of Britney Spears – like the Britney Spears- on her video, I commented on something. And I mean, I still that was like seven months ago and I still to this day get notifications about people responding to my comment or liking it

B.L. Ochman: Wow.

Be Real On TikTok

Miranda Head: Another way to get visible especially with brands and companies, because then people are seeing this company commenting and they’re like, Oh, that’s a real person. someone’s talking from that company and that makes it more interesting.

B.L. Ochman: Absolutely. So at one time Snap was offering, not too long ago, they were offering millions of dollars to people for going viral on their platform. Did you ever try snap? Snapchat?

Miranda Head: I’m not really a Snapchat person. No that’s one social media I am not a part of.

B.L. Ochman: So I met you in a course about YouTube. And so how long have you been making YouTube videos?

Miranda Head: YouTube. It’s funny. I actually started my YouTube channel, when TikTok started having a lot of negative awareness about the app, and possible security concerns with China. And I actually deleted my TikTok for about five months from July last year till November of last year.

And I did yeah, I was actually kind of worried about those security threats. And so I got back on the app once the company started being bought by, I think they’re being bought by Oracle. Right now. I think that’s still in the works.

YouTube Is Much Harder Than TikTok

Miranda Head: Um, anyway, so we, you know, I started building my YouTube channel there because I was like, hey, well, if I’m gonna keep producing cooking content, I need somewhere to produce it. And that’s when I started with YouTube. But you know what, like, YouTube to me is so much harder than TikTok.

I love how easy TikTok is. You can edit right in the app, you post it, like everything is done on your phone right there. On YouTube, like, you have to go buy the special camera, you have to have the lighting and the sound and then you post it.

B.L. Ochman: And the editing is so clunky. I mean, they used to have a much better editing ability than they do now. But it’s really clunky. And you know, for example, like I pause this recording in the middle, when we had a little technical difficulty. I’m going to have to go in and edit that. No, no, it’s not a problem. I mean, it’s not a problem at all.

So um, I really appreciate your giving all this really wonderful advice because I’m in the process of learning TikTok. I haven’t tried it yet. I, I’m just looking and listening. And I just learned so much listening to you today. And I know our listeners are going to love it too.

Is There A Skill You Wish You Could Learn Instantly?

B.L. Ochman: So I just have a couple of fast questions for you. Like, is there a skill you wish you could learn instantly?

Miranda Head: Yes, I wish I could learn how to fly a plane.

What Do You Do When You’re Not Working?

B.L. Ochman: What do you do when you’re not working, given all the stuff you’re doing?

Miranda Head: Well, you know, other than cooking. I have two sons and we live here in Hawaii. So we’re always at the beach or we’re always hiking. We’re always in the pool. We’re always outside.

B.L. Ochman: How did you end up in Hawaii? If you’re from Texas?

Miranda Head: Well, my husband is in the military and was stationed here. We’re very lucky to be stationed here. But our time is not infinite. We move this year. So that’s why I say for soaking it up as much as we can.

How To Contact Miranda Head

B.L. Ochman: Oh, wow. So what else would you like people to know about you? Is there anything I missed in this conversation?

Miranda Head: Oh, thank you. No, I think that you hit everything that I could ever hope for. I mean, if you are interested in learning about TikTok, you are more than welcome to listen to our podcast TikTok Famous wherever you listen to podcasts. You can also email us at TikTokFamousPodcast@gmail.com. And then if you have any, like direct questions for me about TikTok or any social media, you can direct message me on Instagram at CookingWithMiranda.

B.L. Ochman: I will include all of your contact links in the show notes and make sure that people know to do that. But you really, you have been very generous with your information. And I think people are really going to be happy to hear what you have to say because I do think you’ve mastered TikTok in a big way.

Miranda Head: Well, thank you BL. It was very nice to meet you back at the YouTube summit and hear from you now and I’m very glad to be on the show.

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