Disaster Girl Cashes In

Disaster Girl Cashes In

Episode 348 – May 1, 2021


  • Nerf’s Chief TikToker
  • Disaster Girl Sells NFT
  • Clubhouse Influencer Marketplace
  • Clubhouse NFL Draft Party
  • Spotify Paid Podcasts
  • Digital Product Placements
  • Vaccination Public Service Tweets
  • Flipboard’s Sponsored Newsletters
  • Punch Pizza’s Recruiting Marketing
  • Clever Social Marketing
  • Facebook Fails
  • Slander Incorporated
  • Basecamp Ban
  • So Much For Apple’s Privacy Sanctimony
  • Pandemic Pounds

During episode 348, BL and David discuss Disaster Girl’s big payday; Nerf’s new chief TikTok officer; Clubhouse’s NFL draft partnership; Clubmarket’s Clubhouse influencer exchange; digital product placement; Spotify’s paid podcast subscriptions; Flipboard flips to sponsored newsletters; vaccination public service tweets; Punch Pizza’s recruiting marketing email; a clever social media and visual communication tactic; Facebook’s failure; slander for profit; Basecamp’s ban; Apple’s privacy sanctimony exposed;…and much, much more.

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Best Practices

Nerf’s Chief TikToker

Sophie Jamison, who has more than 1.8 million followers, beat out over 1,000 other applicants for the $10,000-a-month position of chief TikTok officer at Nerf.


@nerf #Nerfapplication It’s Nerf or Nothin!

♬ Best Day Of My Life – American Authors

Disaster Girl Cashes In

Zoë Roth, now a college senior in North Carolina, plans to use the proceeds from this month’s NFT auction to pay off student loans and donate to charity.

Disaster Girl NFT

Clubmarket Monetizes Clubhouse

Looking to beat Clubhouse to the punch on monetization, Clubmarket is a newly launched third-party app that facilitates dealmaking between brands and influencers on the app by allowing Clubhouse hosts to monetize their content via partnerships with brands.

Clubhouse + NFL Draft

It’s the first sports partnership for the audio chat platform.

Spotify Paid Podcast Subscriptions

Spotify launches Paid Subscriptions for Podcasters, who will keep 100% of the money until 2023.

Product Placement 2.0

Product placement is big business for movies and TV series alike, and items can now be added digitally to films and programmes both new and old.

Chinese TV - Before Chinese TV - After

Vaccine Public Service Tweets

Twitter has announced a new push to help maximize COVID-19 vaccine take-up, with a new set of in-feed notifications set to go out to all users from this week.

As COVID-19 vaccinations become more widely available, we want you to have access to the latest vaccine info in your country.

This week you’ll see a prompt in your timeline that links to sources about vaccine safety, efficacy, and news from public health experts.— Twitter Support (@TwitterSupport) April 26, 2021

Flipboard Flips To Sponsorships

Flipboard is moving its newsletter portfolio away from being supported by programmatic display ads to sell native newsletter sponsorships.

Clever Recruiting Email

Punch Pizza is increasing its starting hourly wage to $15/hour.

Clever Social Media Tactic

Use the conventions of the platform to prompt engagement.

Worst Practices

Facebook Fails

After BuzzFeed News reported on an internal document that examined Facebook’s failings leading up to the Capitol riot, many of Facebook’s employees were prevented from accessing it. BuzzFeed published the report so everyone can read it.

Slander Incorporated

The people facilitating slander and the self-proclaimed good guys who help remove it are often one and the same.

No Politics. No Fun.

Basecamp’s CEO, Jason Fried, followed in the footsteps of Coinbase CEO Brian Armstrong by banning politics in the workplace.

Apple’s Self-Serving Privacy Stance


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