Disney’s Robotic Groot

Groot Robot

Episode 350 – May 23, 2021


  • Google LaMDA
  • Disney’s Robotic Groot
  • About This Site In Searches
  • YouTube Audio Ads
  • Mattel Wants Your Old Toys
  • Self-Serve Hulu
  • Snap Glasses For Creators
  • Brand Texting Trend
  • India Erases COVID Varients
  • GA4 Ready
  • Star Spangled Sports

During episode 350, BL and David discuss Disney’s development of atonomous bi-pedal robots to play characters such as Groot at the theme parks; YouTube’s new audio ad format; Google’s LaMDA AI model; Hulu’s self-serve advertising; About This Site coming to a search near you; the brand texting trend; Mattel wants to recycle your old Barbies; Snap’s Spectacles are back in AR form; India wants to erase “Indian Variant” from social media; Google Analytics 4 readiness;…and much, much more.

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Best Practices

Google LaMDA

At Google I/O the star of the show was an experimental model called LaMDA, which Google says could one day supercharge the ability of its conversational AI assistants and allow for more natural conversations.

— The Verge (@verge) May 18, 2021

Disney Imagineers Develop Groot Robot

The research and development studio has achieved a lifelike robotics milestone.

About This Site

Next to most results on Google, you’ll begin to see a menu icon that you can tap to learn more about the result or feature and where the information is coming from.

GIF: About This Site

YouTube Audio Ads

YouTube Audio ads share similar characteristics with video ads, such as running on a CPM basis.

Mattel Wants to Recycle Your Barbies

Mattel has a way for families to extend the life of these unused and outgrown toys – and keep them out of the landfill – with the launch of its toy takeback program.

Hulu’s Self-Serve Advertising

Requires a minimum of $500 spend per campaign.

SNAP AR Glasses Are Baaaack

The glasses can match Snapchat Lenses to your surroundings – but they aren’t for sale.

Brand Texting Trend

Marketers at e-commerce startups say they’re increasingly using text messages to promote new sales or product launches.

Worst Practices

Censoring COVID

The Indian government wants social media to delete all references to the India variant.

Are You GA4 Ready?

Data Driven conducted a survey asking 460 users about their GA4 migration plans.

Infographic: Google Analytics 4 Survey


How Colors Sound

As part of a new exhibition, the worlds of culture and technology collide, bringing sound to the colors of abstract art pioneer Wassily Kandinsky.

Shiny New Stuff

B.L.’s Finds

  • Wondertools – Jeremy Caplan’s newsletter with a motherlode of new tools in every issue
  • TypeStudio – Video editing tool like Descript that lets you edit video by editing the transcript
GIF: TypeStudio


President Biden Hosts George Floyd’s Family at the White House

President Joe Biden will host the family of George Floyd at the White House on Tuesday to mark the one-year anniversary of his death at the hands of police, a White House official confirmed to CNN.

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