Amazon Astro Robot

Amazon Astro Robot

Episode 363 – October 16, 2021


  • Jerks Are Jerks, Online Or Off
  • Sleep Number Content Marketing
  • 5 New Twitter Features
  • Hilarious Mock Condom Ads
  • Amanda Goreman’s Poetic Justice
  • Stadium Marketing
  • Branded NFTs
  • Survey Marketing
  • Google Tuner & Lego Stratocaster
  • Seasonal Salted Nut Rolls
  • Amazon Personal Bots
  • Facebook Whistleblowers
  • Fake Reviews
  • A Pathetic Pitch
  • Clubhouse Shorting Creators
  • Local Customer Review Facts

During episode 363, BL and David discuss a study suggesting that jerks are jerks, online or off; Sleep Number’s content marketing campaign; five new Twitter features, including business profiles; A design firm’s brilliant mock condom ads; Amanda Gorman’s Estee Lauder sponsorship gig; Minnesota Vikings’ stadium experiential marketing; branding NFTs; BrightLocal’s marketing of their online reviews survey; Google embeds a guitar tuner in search; LEGO partners with Fender for a Stratocaster kit; seasonal Salted Nut Rolls; Amazon’s creepy Astro robot; Facebook’s whistleblowers; FTC to crack down on fake reviews; pathetic email pitches; Clubhouse shorts creators; top online reveiw factors; and much, much more.

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Best Practices

Jerks Are Jerks Online Or Off

New research indicates the internet doesn’t make people act like jerks, but it sure gives the jerks a big megaphone.

What then explains ‘the hostility gap’? Online environments do not turn nice people into trolls. Those who are mean to you online would be equally mean to you offline. Both online and offline hostility is driven by status concerns. (7/10)— Michael Bang Petersen (@M_B_Petersen) July 19, 2021

Content By Sleep Number

Sleep Number’s content marketing TV advertising campaign.

5 New Twitter Features

New features are being added to Twitter every day.

Starting today, we’re trying something different and testing a new ad format in Tweet conversations. If you’re a part of this test (which is global; on iOS & Android only), you’ll see ads after the first, third or eighth reply under a Tweet. 🗣️— bruce.falck() 🦗 (@boo) October 13, 2021
rolling out to everyone on the web today👇— Twitter Safety (@TwitterSafety) October 11, 2021

Amanda Gorman’s Poetic Justice

Amanda Gorman turned down $17 million in endorsement offers. But she accepted Estee Lauder.

Amanda Gorman was honored at Variety’s 2021 Power of Women event – watch her recite her captivating new poem— NowThis (@nowthisnews) October 10, 2021

Experiential Marketing: Drawing Fans Back To Stadiums

The Minnesota VIkings are bringing the old school experience into their high-tech, new school stadium.

Big Brands Experiment With Something No One Understands

Branded NFTs offer passionate customers collectible virtual goods that generate brand engagement, unlock new experiences, foster a passionate community, add new revenue, and will be critical assets for upcoming virtual worlds.

Marketing A Survey

BrightLocal knows how to get the most marketing bang for its buck out of its annual survey.

Infographic: Impact of Covid-19 on Local Reviews

Google’s Guitar Tuner

You can summon it on mobile and desktop.

Lego Stratocaster & Amp

LEGO has partnered with the Fender Guitar company to create a Fender Stratocaster guitar and amp LEGO set.

Seasonal Salted Nut Rolls

Pearson’s candy is differentiating an old standard.

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Worst Practices

Amazon’s Creepy Robot

So cute. So sinister. A Ray Bradbury story? Nope! Amazon’s Astro.

Facebook’s Whistleblower

Frances Haugen is straight out of central casting.

FTC Cracking Down On Fake Reviews

Brands can be fined more than $40,000 for a single instance of using a misleading endorsement to deceive customers.

Clubhouse Not Paying Creators

Clubhouse promised sponsors to podcasters who used the platform, but rarely delivered.


Shiny New Stuff

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Pro Tips

Customer Analysis

Weekly Numbers

Chart: Review Factors Consumers Care Most About

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