Episode 366 – November 13, 2021


  • Twitter Blue
  • Iceland Mocks Mark Zuckerberg’s Meta
  • TikTok’s Creative Exchange
  • Voice SEO
  • Email Engagements
  • Recruitment Content Marketing
  • Arby’s Vodka
  • Apple’s Ad Arbitrage
  • Instagram Poaches TikTokers
  • Wild Westcasts
  • State Of Email Marketing

During episode 366, BL and David discuss Iceland’s hilarious tourism video mocking Mark Zuckerberg’s launch of Meta; the Twitter Blue rollout; TikTok’s Creative Exchange; Is traditional SEO enough for voice?; email engagements that boost inbox visibility; content marketing tactics for recruiting talent; Arby’s french fried vodka; Apple’s secret advertising arbitrage; Instagram poaching TikTokers; the wild west of disinformation on podcasts; the state of email marketing; and much, much more.

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Best Practices

Twitter Blue

Twitter launches $2.99 a month subscription service.


A new marketing campaign for Icelandic tourism takes aim at Facebook founder Mark Zuckerberg, mocking his recent video announcement of his company’s name change to Meta.

TikTok Creative Exchange

TikTok’s adding another option to facilitate more brand/creator partnerships with the launch of a new ‘Creative Exchange’ platform which will enable brands to pitch a campaign brief, which creators can then respond to and arrange sponsored content deals.

No More Voice SEO?

Google’s Martin Splitt shared his opinion that voice search is not the future and that there will be no need to SEO for it

Email Engagement & Apple’s Mail Privacy Program

The more subscribers interact and engage with an email, the more emails from that sender will make it to the inbox.

Flow Chart: Email Subscriber Behavior

Recruitment Content Marketing Strategies

Consider these tactics to help share the story of what it’s like to work at your company-and why new candidates should be eager to to join you.

Worst Practices

Arby’s French Fried Vodka

Arby’s is releasing two flavored vodkas, with flavor profiles inspired by its original curly fries and newer crinkle-cut fries.

Apple’s Advertising Arbitrage

Apple is secretly buying Google ads for high-value apps to collect potentially millions of dollars in subscription revenue.

Instagram Poaching TikTokers

Instagram is upping how much it pays creators to post on Reels, the app’s answer to TikTok, with some users possibly being paid up to $10,000 for a single post!

Podcasts: The Wild West of the Airwaves

Podcast platforms do nothing to stop the spread of conspiracy theories on their airwaves.


  • The Sign Guy – Dude with sign stands on NYC street corners with signs that say what we’ve been thinking.

Shiny New Stuff

B.L.’s Finds

David’s Finds

  • Airmeet – Virtual event platform



  • LiderCon 2021 – This two-day virtual conference featured local and national speakers and attendees from a cross-sector of backgrounds. Two prominent national figures – Dolores Huerta and Omar Jimenez – kicked off the morning sessions of the conference.

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