Wheel Of Time Billboard

Wheel Of Time Billboards

Episode 367 – November 20, 2021


  • Twitter GoodBots
  • Amazon’s Anamorphic Billboards
  • Atlantic’s Newsletters
  • Nicole Wallace’s Interview Master Class
  • Apple Self-Repair
  • WWF Animation
  • Spotify Adds Video Podcasts
  • TikTok’s Meh Safety Center
  • The Long Tradition Of Disinformation
  • Rating Media Bias
  • Childlessness Is In

During episode 367, BL and David discuss Twitter’s new bot certification program; Prime Video’s awesome anamorphic billboards for the Wheel Of Time premier; the launch of The Atlantic’s new newsletters; Nicole Wallace conducts a master class on how to interview a politician with follow-up questions for Chris Christie; Apple allows self-repair of their devices; the World Wildlife Foundation’s brilliant climate change advocacy video; Spotify to allow video podcasts; TikTok’s mediocre safety center; Big Oil’s decades-long disinformation campaign; a media bias chart misses the mark; and much, much more.

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Best Practices

Twitter Launches Good Bots Experiment

Not all bots are bad. Some actually provide good information. Twitter is experimenting in identifying them.

Amazon’s Wheel Of Time Anamorphic Billboard

​​The campaign also included actors playing out battle scenes in Times Square.

Atlantic Newsletters

This month, The Atlantic launched a new suite of nine newsletters from what editor in chief Jeffrey Goldberg described as “some of America’s most thoughtful, provocative, and urgent writers.”

Interview A Politician Master Class

MSNBC’s Nicole Wallace hosts a master class on how to conduct a series interview with her questions for Chris Christie’s book tour.

Nicole Wallace is conducting a master class in how to conduct a serious interview with her follow up questions for Chris Christie right now.πŸ‘πŸ‘πŸ‘β€” David Erickson #BLM (@derickson) November 16, 2021
Wallace: The book is about conspiracy and lies and you really don’t take on Fox News, why not? Have you seen The Tucker Carlson show?
Christie: No I don’t watch it
Wallace: Are you aware of what he does?
Christie: Not really pic.twitter.com/HmQ8174cpeβ€” Acyn (@Acyn) November 16, 2021

Apple Self-Repair

Apple parts, tools, and manuals – starting with iPhone 12 and iPhone 13 – available to individual consumers.

WWF’s Amazing Animation

A melting polar bear illustrates the immediacy of the climate crisis.

Spotify Gets Video Podcasts

Soon, Spotify users will see a lot more video podcasts on the platform as we open up access for creators to begin publishing video podcasts to Spotify.

Worst Practices

TikTok’s Alleged Safety Center

TikTok did a global research study to learn how teens view TikTok challenges that have resulted in harm and even death. Basically, not much will change.

  • TikTok updates Safety Center resources following research on harmful challenges

Big Oil: Disinforming Since 1962

Since the 1960s, fossil fuel firms have run ads touting climate denial messages – many of which they’d now like us to forget.

Media Bias Chart Needs Refining

Maybe there should be a lies and propaganda column?

Chart: News Media Bias


THANKSGIVING PIZZA at @macyspizza: Turkey, Mashed Potatoes, Stuffing, Gravy, Corn + Cranberry Drizzle pic.twitter.com/sWsdpHsfgMβ€” Kari Steele (@KariVanHorn) November 17, 2021

Shiny New Stuff

B.L.’s Finds

  • Google Meet is rolling out new immersive backgrounds on the web, with “subtle animation” and different versions for different weather (sunny, rainy, snowy). Three new backgrounds will be available to everyone, with five additional immersive backgrounds and color filters available to Google Workspace and G Suite customers (excluding Google Workspace Individual customers).
  • Shield App – Deeper tracking of LinkedIn analytics for your personal LinkedIn profile. Measure content and profile performance in one dashboard. $6 a month and up For you, your team, or your agency and clients. Content metrics, real-times stats, audience demographics and more, all on one dashboard.
  • Google Lens – Search Google with your phone’s camera. I pointed it at my plant and it immediately identified my Spathaphyllium and gave me information about it. I first heard of this several years ago, but it’s now available on iPhone and Android.
  • Episode 188: Google Lens AI for Phones

David’s Finds

  • Qwoted – Like Help A Reporter Out but on steroids.


B.L. Interviewed


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Chart: Why Childless Adults Don't Want Kids

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