LinkedIn Virtual Events

LinkedIn Virtual Events

Episode 369 – January 15, 2022


  • Social Justice Shirts
  • LinkedIn’s Virtual Events
  • Gap’s $500 Hoodie
  • Real Estate Influencers
  • Apple Trackers
  • Anti-Competitive Facebook
  • Refusing Cookies
  • Crypto Funding WMDs
  • Gen V’s Brand Experiences


Photo by Chris Montgomery on Unsplash

During episode 369, BL and David discuss a social justice t-shirt campaign; LinkedIn’s streaming social audio feature; The Gap’s $500 NFT hoodie; a superb real estate influencer example; Apple AirTag’s stalking abilities; FTC Investigates Facebook Meta for anti-competitive behavior; Google and Facebook under fire for cookie policies; North Korea hacks crypto to fund WMDs; and much, much more.

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Best Practices

Social Justice Shirts

Goodby Silverstein & Partners created a campaign featuring air-brush style memorial shirts one year after the insurrection.

What If They Were Black? t-shirt

LinkedIn Launching Clubhouse Clone

The social channel will roll out a streaming audio feature this month in beta that will ultimately morph into a full-featured virtual event platform.

The GAP’s NFT sweatshirts

The Gap’s $500 Hoodie

Gap is the latest retailer to launch an NFT collection, which includes $415 tokens that come with a physical hoodie.

Real Estate Influencer

Minnesota real estate agent Jesse Lynch creates high-production video tours of the cities within the Minneapolis/St. Paul metropolitan area in order to position himself as a “relocation expert” and to generate leads.

Worst Practices

Apple Tracker

Apple’s itty bitty AirTag is already turning into a huge scandal because it has been used to stalk people.

Facebook Meta Investigated For Anti-Competitive Behavior

The Federal Trade Commission as well as several states, including New York, Tennessee and North Carolina, are reportedly investigating Meta’s virtual reality division in relation to potential anti-competitive behavior.

Refusing Cookies

French privacy watchdog, the Commission Nationale de l’Informatique et des Libert├ęs (CNIL), has hit Google, YouTube and Facebook with fines of 240 Million euros because they don’t make refusing cookies as easy as accepting them.

Crypto Funding WMDs

North Korean hackers launched at least seven attacks on cryptocurrency platforms last year to steal almost $400 million worth of digital assets that fund the country’s weapons of mass destruction programs.


Uber Apologizes Yet Again…This Time To Dogs

Uber Eats commercials featuring a doorbell sound have pets confused.

2021 News Bloopers

News Be Funny has put together a very amusing compilation of some of the funniest news bloopers that took place during 2021.

Shiny New Stuff

B.L.’s Finds

  • Follow the #journorequests hastag for requests from journalists working on stories.

David’s Finds


David’s Blog Post

Pro Tips

Weekly Numbers

Infographic: Edelman Gen Z Brand Attitudes

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