Delete Spotify Trends

#DeleteSpotify Trends Due To Joe Rogan Disinformation

Episode 370 – January 29, 2022


  • Neil Young & Other Musicians Pull Their Music From Spotify
  • Ultimate Bowling Alley Marketing Video
  • Classic Guitar NFTs
  • Michelob Ultra Super Bowl Commercial Teasers
  • M&M Mascot Fails
  • Clueless Influencers
  • Twitter Lets The Big Lie Spread
  • Defining A Video View
  • Social Audio Spending

During episode 370, BL and David discuss Neil Young and other musicians leaving Spotify in protest over Joe Rogan’s Covid disinformation; the Bryant Lake Bowl’s amazing marketing video; Gibson’s NFT guitars; Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl commercial previews; M&M’s mascot makeovers; Influencers need to get their act together; Twitter lets the Big Lie spread; the ridiculous defintion of an Instagram Reel view; 2022 spending on social audio; and much, much more.

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Best Practices

Spotify Users Leaving In Droves Over Neil Young, Joe Rogan Conflict

#SpotifyDeleted was the battle cry of multiple iconic musicians & thousands of subscribers in support of Neil Young leaving Spotify.

Spotify stock tanks. Spotify shuts down their customer service lines. Thousands of listeners complain and cancel subscriptions over Spotify’s decision to support Joe Rogan and the misinformation he broadcasts, over Neil Young’s music.— Mike Sington (@MikeSington) January 28, 2022

Video Marketing For Bowling Alleys

Bryant Lake Bowl in Minneapolis commissioned the most amazing piece of video marketing for a bowling alley/restaurant/bar/mini movie theater you’ve ever seen.

Rock Legends & Gibson Classic Guitar NFTs

Gibson will offer NFTs of its classic guitars, joining rock legends Keith Richards & Julian Lennon.

Michelob Ultra’s Super Bowl Teasers

The Big Lebowski Steve Buscemi star and NFL legend Peyton Manning will join five other celebrities in the spot.

Worst Practices

M&M’s Mascot Makeovers

The cast of candy characters at M&M’s has undergone a makeover that brand executives say better reflects the diverse and nuanced world of its fans.

Instagram Reel “Views”

Instagram Reel views are counted after 1 MILLIsecond of play and exclude replays.

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Twitter Stops Taking Action Against 2020 Big Lie

Twitter quit taking action to try to limit the spread of lies about the 2020 election, the company said on Friday — a day after another social media platform, YouTube, removed a Republican congressman’s campaign ad because it included a 2020 lie.


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