Social Media Political Ad Wars

Beyond Social Media - Online Political Ads - Episode 287

Episode 287: BL and David discuss the controversy over social media political ads and two of the proposed solutions; The Climate Trail video game that takes place in the climate change apocalypse; Samsung’s selfie satellite fail; Yahoo Groups’ move to email-only; unrest on the Facebook campus; the trend toward video games as spectator sport epitomized with the launch of the Minnesota Vikings’ eSports team; hot dog boy gets a ride in Oscar Mayer’s weinermobile; McDonald’s social media fail; Amazon’s Choice paid reviews; Joe Biden’s domain fiasco; political Twitter; and much, much more.

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Justine Sacco's Tweetstorm & Dogecoins

This episode: Justine Sacco’s career-limiting tweet; an eCommerce fail; Gmail’s caching tendencies; Timberwolves Entertainment Network; Mall Of America app; Dogecoins; Pro Infirmis’ Because Who Is Perfect campaign; cool tools & Daily Numbers.

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